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Runaway Romance is a specialised wedding planning company based in Johannesburg. They focus on small, non-traditional weddings, elopements and destination weddings to South Africa. We have chatted to Rebecca, the owner and founder of Runaway Romance.



-Where did your passion for wedding planning first start and what do you love the most about it?

Well my interest in wedding planning actually came from my own, not so great wedding planning experience (I was young and just went with what I thought was the right thing to do and it was stressful, emotional & definitely not the best experience).


I then worked at a beautiful wedding venue and for a high end wedding planner. Mix all the lessons I learnt and things I saw from those 3 experiences together and I really felt there should be an alternative way of doing weddings.

That is why I created Runaway Romance, and that is now what I love the most - giving my couples different (more authentic) ways of celebrating their love, wedding days and start to their marriage.

-What makes Runaway Romance unique and different to other suppliers?

Mmm look there are many other wedding creatives doing amazing things, so in a way Im not all that different to anyone.

I think on a personal level I am just a simple, no nonsense type of person which attracts a very special kind of couple. So you could say what makes me different is not really me as much as the amazing couples I get to work with.


-How long before your wedding should you book a wedding planner?

Good question. Not such a straight answer though. This is totally up to the type of wedding you are having.

If you have a lot of overseas guests giving them 10-12 months notice is great for them, this means booking a planner at least 2-3 months prior to that to allow them to help you find your perfect venue.

If you are wanting a weekend wedding in one of the popular wedding months (March and April) as far in advance as possible.

If however you are wanting a non traditional celebration then anything from 3-6 months is good. I personally find couples who plan for more than a year in advance are tiered by the time they get to their wedding days. I am all for short, intense focus..but that is just me and very much my advise for my smaller, non traditional couple & celebration.

-What advice would you give to a bride getting married being a wedding planner?

Gosh, this is a tough one because every person comes with their own views, fears, priorities and excitement.

As a broad answer I would say, keep the input to a minimum (this means Pinterest, bridal fares, other peoples opinions, trend articles etc).

If you are honest with yourself you know what you like, you know what is important to you and all that other stuff as helpful as it may seem, is just a distraction that will do more to water down your vision and confuse you than help you.


-Which moment do you consider the most special that brides will always treasure on the big day?

So I do not know which moment each bride or couple will remember and treasure the most but the one I treasure the most are the vows!

No matter how busy my day is or what needs to be planned I make sure I am there to listen to the couples vows…because when you take everything else away from the wedding day, these words and promises are the only thing that really matter.

They are the reason you are getting married (and your marriage is waaay more important than anything you may or may not experience on your wedding day)

-What is your favorite part of the planning for the big day?

I personally love the mood boards.

I always work backwards, so I focus on the logistics first ( the where, when & how of the day) and from that we move into the pretty…

So by the time we get to the mood board stage of planning the hard work is done and we really get to start playing with the creative stuff. This is really where I get to show the couples personal style & creative unique things for them. And I love that.


-Please tell us a bit more about elopements?

Ooooh how long do you have? I could talk about elopements all day! They are hands down my favorite type of wedding celebration.

Traditionally elopements are when just the couple (2 people) get married in secret. Think full on Romeo and Juliet vibes. For my planning I say elopements are anything under 10 people.

I find they are an intensely romantic way to celebrate your marriage and work really well for couples who have been married before and do not want to do the same big fussy thing, for couples who are private or a little on the shy side but mostly for the adventurous.

Because there is such a small group of people elopements allow the couple to get married nearly anywhere they like (in the forest, on top of the mountain, in a 100 year old wine cellar) your imagination (and a few logistics) are the only limitation here. It also allows the couple to spoil them selves and their small group in a way their budgets just could not with a bigger guest.

Think caviar for 10 vs butternut soup for 110.

Elopements are very freeing, luxurious and can happen at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts with Wedding Date Rebecca, we wish you all the best for the future! Be sure to check out more of her stunning work on .

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