Wedding shoes : high or low?

Footwear is just one of the many decisions you have to make for your wedding day, and by typing wedding heels into google you might just be overwhelmed by all the sleek, eye-catching and unaffordable options.  We have put together some tips to consider when deciding which shoe to choose.


1. It is recommended to choose your shoes before your dress fitting, this way the length of your dress would be tailored perfect, and there would be no risk of tripping or having a leg sticking out!

2. Make sure to walk in your shoes for at least a week to ensure they fit perfectly on your day.

3.Do not try to wash/wipe them on your wedding day, the material might not be waterproof!

4.If you only want the high heels for that perfect photo, rather bring them along instead of wearing them the whole day.

5.If your high heels has any beading / sequence on, make sure it will not get stuck in your dress.

6. Try not buying them online, they might not fit perfectly and you might not have time returning them.

Consider high heels if:

-You are not taller than your partner wearing them.

-You are comfortable wearing heals and wear them at least once a week.

-You have a bad posture, wearing heels will pull that posture right.

-Your wedding venue is flat and not slippery! We do not want to see you on a Youtube compilation of brides falling.

Consider low heels / pumps if:

-You are taller than your hubby-to-be.

-You seldom wear high heels and are not comfortable in them.

-Your wedding venue only has grass! Grass = sinking!

-You are planning a -So you think you can dance- show for your first dance.