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We LOVE weddings…

In fact we completely ADORE them… We get such a rush being privileged enough to capture the memories of a day when two become one, and truly consider it an honor to become an intimate part of the happiest day of a bride and groom’s lives.

We really aspire to capture every fleeting moment of emotion, as well as the little (and not so little) aspects that will make this day set apart from every other day in your life. With a style strongly biased towards Creative photojournalism we candidly capture a wedding day from behind the scenes, Although we’re certainly not shy to offer creative direction so that the memories of our client’s nuptials will be the best that they possibly can be.

For us, it’s the Shot between the Shots that stand out… those unposed moments when you’re completely unaware of the photographer as you loose yourself in the eyes of your brand new spouse… That is priceless.

Ask any bride we’ve worked with, they will tell you that having a fun photographer that knows their stuff, makes any stress of the day float away like bubbles in champagne. So contact us today and lets discover what wonderful beauty we can capture together.

PS: We’re honored to say that our talent is a gift from our Heavenly Father, The creator of the Universe, E-minor, chocolate, warmth and everything else that is good… and every image we’re proud of is for His glory alone. Jesus is the reason we do what we do and without His blessing our work would be pretty much worthless. We understand that not everyone feels like that and there will be no judgement from our side if that is the case… but we just can’t hide it from our side ;-) Peace!